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Welcome to the Tuesday (TAGG) and Saturday (SAGG) Afternoon Golf Groups web site.

The News

                                     Yellow Tees
After talking to several of the players on Saturday, we thought it might be a good idea if Lee was allowed to play from the Friendly tees if he wanted to. I asked him if he wanted to and without a second of hesitation he said "YES"!

I thought it would be fairly easy to reprogram my computer program to include the yellow tees, but was I ever wrong! For some reason I can't get my program to accept more than 3 different tees. So I asked Jim Thompson, our only player that plays from the blue tees, if he would mind moving back to the whites. He agreed.
Then I realized that I didn't have the newest version of all the scorecards, so Felicia and I took a 45 mile golf cart ride and visited all the championship courses to get a card.
It then only took me about 4 - 5 hours to reprogram everything.

I am not going to allow other players to play from the yellow tees unless their handicap goes way up.
For now, nobody can play from the blue tees, although I am working to fix this.
The scorecards still show the yardage from the blue tees along with the white and green tees. I don't have room for yellow tee yardage.
Update: The cards now show the Yellow yardage but not the Blue.

The biggest problem that might arise is, Lee starts winning an unusual amount of greens. If this should happen, we will all have to meet and discuss the problem.
Lee's handicap is based on the yellow tees and he will have between 5 & 7 strokes removed as per USGA guidelines for mixed play.

If you have any concerns, talk to me.

John Fink volunteered to take a bump for Oct. 25
Ed Clothier is bumped for Oct. 29.

Usually this time of the year is a royal pain, but with The Villages decision to not over-seed the fairways, it might be easier to schedule.
The clubs are going to be closed for 3 days for seeding then reopened. They say it will take up to 2 weeks to get back to regular mowing heights on the greens.

I will not be checking to see how long it has been since a course was over-seeded. So we may end up on fuzzy greens.
If you think we should wait the 2 weeks before playing, let me know and I will let you make the tee time requests.

Tuesday - tag
Saturday - sag

Please update your phone and email contact lists if needed to these:
Roger (352) 750-3391 or