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Welcome to the Tuesday (TAGG) and Saturday (SAGG) Afternoon Golf Groups web site.

The News

It is that time of the year
Paul Actis would like to see each of you before you head out for the Holidays.
You know as well as I do why he wants to talk to you.
 For Felicia and I it is important to us that your "Gift" is done in appreciation for the work we do and expenses that we have to keep these groups going.

Lou is bumped for play on Saturday, Dec. 5.

Slow Play and Rain outs
Just a reminder, our rules state if the weather is bad, competition ends on the hole that all groups complete if 9 holes are played. Unless 50% of the groups manage to complete the round. Then competition will end on the 18th hole.

We have been having problems with slow play in this group. There are lots of ways to help speed up play. One big way is if you are not "away" and you still can't hit the green or the players ahead, go ahead, drive up and hit! The long hitter can hit after you. Also keep your clubs in your hand till the next time you stop, then put them away. 
Try dropping your cart partner near his ball and then go to yours, both of you hit then get back together.
And one of the big things in my mind is, if you are just a short distance away 10 - 20 yards from your cart partner, get your club you need and WALK to your ball and hit while your partner is going through his routine.
I'm sure you all know of ways to speed up play. Let your cart partner or the guys in the other cart, know what they can do to speed things up

Tuesday - tag
Saturday - sag

Please update your phone and email contact lists if needed to these:
Roger (352) 750-3391 or