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Welcome to the Tuesday (TAGG) and Saturday (SAGG) Afternoon Golf Groups web site.

The News

The Tuesday group is playing PALMER on Tuesday!!
Check the schedule page!

The reason for this change is, I have heard that most of Evans Prairie is under cart path restrictions and Osprey may not even be playable.

Weather Station
Years ago I used to have a weather station and I showed the current weather at my house on this web site.
I took it down because it was more trouble than it was worth.
Well it is now back! Look at the bottom of this page.
It only updates once every 15 minutes, but it now will do it even if my computer is off.
If you click on it, you will be taken to my stations data page on Weather Underground. All historical data is from July 29 11:00 a.m.

I want to thank Lee for printing the cards and getting the stuff to you guys. He also sent me emails with the results and made tee times in my absence.
Now, just because I'm back, that is no excuse for not signing up! DON'T BE A PINKY!

Tuesday - tag
Saturday - sag

Please update your phone and email contact lists if needed to these:
Lee during waking hours: (352) 205-9481
Roger all hours (352) 750-3391

If you need special consideration for placement on Tuesday, contact Lee but also send me an email at: